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Neapolitan pizza and rustic Italian cuisine, featuring local seasonal ingredients.

Maialina Pizzeria Napoletana opened in early 2013 born out of an obsession with wood-fired Naples style pizza and the beauty and art of handmade pasta. Italian food and wine is steeped in tradition and history and in the love of place. The centerpiece of our kitchen is our oven, imported from Italy made from refractory cotto brick which cooks pizzas at 900 degrees. We stretch our mozzarella by hand, obsess daily about our dough and make it with a starter we’ve had since we opened. We studied at one of three Vera Pizza Napoletana certified schools in the world to learn how to preserve the traditional Naples style techniques. During the summer our magical piazza-style patio overflows with growing basil, tomatoes, herbs, corkscrew willow trees planted in wine barrels, and the laughs of friends.

Our local farmers, ranchers, growers make what we do possible. We believe in the history and tradition of local agriculture and local, healthy food. Which is why our eggs, pork, beef, and many weekly hand truckloads of produce comes from straight from Moscow area family farms. We know our farmers. We’ve been to their farms. We love what they do for our community and we see it as a great honor to prepare and serve these lovely things to you, so we can all share in tradition and love of place.


a wood-fired oven

Maialina features a menu of wood-fired pizzas, house-made pastas,
and locally-sourced, farm-fresh fresh dishes — a celebration of rustic cuisine.

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We take reservations up to three months in advance. Please call us at (208) 882-2694 to book your table.

Maialina is located at 602 South Main Street in Moscow, Idaho.